Diving In.

This post won’t be a long one, just an update for this little blog. As I’ve shared before, this blog was to share plant-based life, try to live as long as possible, and largely to ‘practice’ writing in the hopes of writing a book one day. I’m not an overly tech driven person. I have tried to navigate this blog world the best I can, but frankly…. the tech part of doing this just sucks. I could pay someone to help figure it out, but I’m too cheap and too stubborn, and I’ve found over almost a year of sharing that no one wants to read about eating plants, or tofu, or kombacha, or skin care. They want to read the dirty, juicy, real-life stuff. My experience just in my own writing was that personal blog readership soared over skin care or vegan related blogs.

So, in January of this year, I decided to write a book. At first I thought I’d keep my blog going AND write a book. And have kids, and a husband, and four animals. And all of them still wanted food, and the humans expected clean laundry. Something had to give and my dream of writing a book won over dealing with the techy part of keeping this blog alive.

I read everything I could read about “how to write a book”. Listened to a zillion podcasts, and sooooo slowly, developed an idea for a story. I spent 2 months on character development, 2 weeks on an outline, and then once I thought I had the WHOLE THING figured out…. this new character popped into my brain last month and turned the entire process upside down. I reworked the whole story entirely, and fell in love with these fictional people in my head. It has to be as bizarre to read that as it is for me to type it.

My job now is to bring the story to life, and give it depth and soul and keep it riveting. Sometimes that part feels scary as hell. So….. that’s what’s going on over here. Every day. At least 1000 words, and if I get lucky, maybe more. I started the first draft last week. Gulp. Romantic fiction, not to be confused with sap, or smut. Life has sort of turned inside out and backwards and absolutely it feels like I’m doing what I’m meant to do (besides being a mama)…. an all-consuming, rewarding, fulfilling, purpose driven feeling I’ve never known before. Although, in the process my hair is living in a bun on my head and I don’t sleep because the ideas won’t shut off, and I ‘ve turned our dining room into what Steve refers to as a ‘war room’. The finished product may suck, and that’s okay. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I will share here occasionally, and will be looking for a few beta-readers if you’re interested at all. Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words offered here and on Facebook, texts, emails. It has meant more than you could know, truly.

Beverly Brinkman


4 thoughts on “Diving In.

  1. Wishing you all the best in your journey Beverly. I know we will love the book because I love reading your blog. You truly have a gift for writing.

    1. Thank you so much!! Hoping to enter publishing phase around the end of the year or start of 2020.

      1. Beverly, I have enjoyed reading your blog and know your book will be wonderful. Follow your heart and those characters you love will come to life on every page. I’m an avid reader so count me in on beta!

  2. Your drive and determination is amazing. I have enjoyed your blog and know your book will be fabulous. I’m an avid reader so ready to fill in as a beta reader. Follow your heart!

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